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Theatre in Selenca

Hard work stubbornness, self-confidence and patience helped the Slovaks to survive and remain on this ground. 250 years they cherish their own language and national culture. Although these people the most of the day were working on the land or somewhere else, they had one more great goal -to educate themselves. They have learned to write,read and count.

History of education

The ethnical structure in Selenca is specific. The people in Selenca are mostly Evangelics and Catholics. There were many problems between them earlier. These two religions caused a lot of fighting and there was no mutual tolerance.

Notes about the oldest musicians in Selenca

When we think about everyday`s life in Selenca,we have to notice that it was full of joy and pleasure coming from many musicians.

The oldest notes that exist are about violinist Jozef Capanda. This is the proof that people in Selenca have always payed a big attention to music,they made their own music and enjoyed it very much. are listening to radio Backa,slovak broadcast...

„I`m writing this article about the radio with the great pleasure,because I`ve put a big part of my heart into this medium. I won`t be modest and I`ll tell everything about how it started here in Selenca."

Creative art in Selenca

The creative art in Selenca originally appeared in a shape of rustic creating. The artistic creativity showed the craftsmen in the first place,but also the other people in Selenca, cause they decorated their houses on their own. By decorating they used the slovakian folk-ornamentation. This ornamentation is defined with the flower motives and a real explosion of colours.