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„I`m writing this article about the radio with the great pleasure,because I`ve put a big part of my heart into this medium. I won`t be modest and I`ll tell everything about how it started here in Selenca."

When I was back from the army,in 1966,I got the job as a teacher in the elementary school in Selenca. Together with Jozef Kesler,also teacher and Stefan Kesler, a trader, we established a section of the radio-club Nikola Tesla from Bac here in Selenca. We got some military transmitters and recievers from Bac. The activities of this section got bigger and there was more and more members of this club. At that time the most of slovakian villages in Vojvodina already had their own radio stations.

We didn`t follow them. We`ve never made our own radio station,but we were right from the start connected to the general radio station in Bac. This showed later as a smart move,because in 1975 there was a new law about the radio diffusion and it said that only the municipality can own a radio transmitter.

On 1st May 1967 Radio Backa broadcasted in slovak language for the first time. Since then till today there was no Sunday without the slovak broadcast. I have to mention a great enthusiast Jan Capela (1930-1983),who was the editor of slovak broadcast right from the beginning. He wrote the texts and employed the speakers with a good knowledge of slovakian language. The first speakers were the ex students of the gymnasium in Backi Petrovec and the teacher school: Zuzana Javornikova,Viera Burciarova and Jan Simoni.