Evangelist a.v. Church assembly

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Slovak evangelist a.v. live in Selenca for 240 years. In consideration of thousands years that past, 240 years is not a very big period of human life on this planet. However, for us, living people, it is an honorable time. When we look at the years that gone through faithful eyes, we must thank God for his grace, love and blessing, which our ancestors received from him and because of them we receive it today. In that period there have lived nine-ten generations of descendants in Selenca, who have come in year 1758 on this territory to build better life for them and future generations.

If we think about why our ancestors left their homes and move to new place to build their new home, perhaps we could find the right answer.

There are many reasons why people or whole nations leave their homes. It may be poverty, absence of life requirements; it can be oppression and political persecution, it can be religion, lack of freedom, etc. It may be that people could not pursue their tenets, their talents and potentials, their material and spiritual needs, because of the limitations of governmental structure.

Historical facts about evangelistic people of Selenca can testify about that. It is certain, that we do not have many precise facts about, who and when, populated Selenca. However, registry of birth and baptismal in Selenca, from first years of Selenca being Selenca, testifies that first dwellers were evangelist a.v. When they conducted research about arrival of Slovaks on this land, they found out that there were several evangelists living here before year 1758. Nonetheless, according to declaration of kaloch archbishopric, monarchs of this district, town was founded in year 1758. First baptismal of a child in evangelistic registry of births was in year 1758.

We do not know how many of evangelistic families were there in the year of settling. We only know that in that year there were nine born and baptized children. In every next year, there were more and more born and baptized children. There is a mass migration of Slovak evangelists in year 1760. In historical studies related to settling of Selenca is said, that in year 1760 there have been 120 evangelist families who came from Slovakia and southern parts of Hungary. They are finding here an area for the start of new life. In hope for better and utter life, they build houses, clean fields to sow seeds in hope for rich harvest. They arrange pastures for cattle. They organize economy life.

On the other side, they do not forget on their spiritual, inner needs for faith in God.