Notes about the oldest musicians in Selenca

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When we think about everyday`s life in Selenca,we have to notice that it was full of joy and pleasure coming from many musicians.

The oldest notes that exist are about violinist Jozef Capanda. This is the proof that people in Selenca have always payed a big attention to music,they made their own music and enjoyed it very much.

The nations are always interested in their own history. We want to know everything about our ancestors,how they once lived,what was their artistic and ethical particularity. So we go back on times and memories of the first Selenca`s musicians,our grandfathers,fathers,brothers...

They say,that the most popular bands from all slovak villages were exactly the bands from Selenca. They`ve got their names from the frontman`s last name: Fados` band, Trpka`s band or Kesler-Franci`s musicians,Capanda`s musicians... They haven`t learned the music notes back then,they had only an ear for music. These bands played at the weddings,dance-parties and pubs. These musicians weren`t some professionals,they were simple citizens. They had their work like all the others in the village,but they still found the time for learning some new song to play...