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History of Roman Catholic Parish- Holy Trinity of Selenca

Origin and road to independence of Roman Catholic parish in Selenca

Evangelist a.v. Church assembly

Slovak evangelist a.v. live in Selenca for 240 years. In consideration of thousands years that past, 240 years is not a very big period of human life on this planet. However, for us, living people, it is an honorable time. When we look at the years that gone through faithful eyes, we must thank God for his grace, love and blessing, which our ancestors received from him and because of them we receive it today.

The names of the streets in Selenca

In the slovak philology the word urbanonymum represents the individual name of some geographical object ( city,village,municipality...) or just a part of it (square,street,park,castle...).

Selenca till 18th century

The first period in history of the village

It is hard to know for sure the continuity of settlements on the ground of current village Selenca, although there are many proofs about civilizations that lived here.

After nomadic tribes, the Slavs came here. The name Selenca is originally slavish word. It`s rooth could be selo-village or selište-migration.

Selenca in the past

There are many random archeological finds. Stefan Kesler–Pista found on his land a larger number of ceramical pieces from the Bronze Age. Here had to be some village in the late Middle Age,because the sword founded on this land by the type dates from 13.-14. century. Especially significant is the archelogical site very near to Selenca. That are graves from the era of great people migrations (y.640 a.Ch.).

The settlement

Selenca is spreading on 291ha, on which are placed 1224 houses with 1320 families living in them. Selenca is a real slovakian village. The statistics from 1991 say that the 93% of people living in Selenca were the Slovaks.

People in Selenca pay a big attention to the enviroment. There are a lot of trees, fruit-trees,spruces...