The names of the streets in Selenca

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In the slovak philology the word urbanonymum represents the individual name of some geographical object ( city,village,municipality...) or just a part of it (square,street,park,castle...).

There are 33 different official street names in Selenca today. These names mostly have a structure with an attribute, like Cajakova ulica (Cajak`s street) and 23 more such names and only 9 street names are like Ulica Janka Cmelika(The street of Janko Cmelik).

The people of Selenca prefer the shorter form of these names,f.e. Ulica dositeja Obradovica (The street of Dositej Obradovic) was in 1983 renamed into Dositejeva ulica(Dositej `s street).

After World War II,in 1946, the street names in Selenca were influenced by the political situation in our country.