Selenca till 18th century

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The first period in history of the village

It is hard to know for sure the continuity of settlements on the ground of current village Selenca, although there are many proofs about civilizations that lived here.

After nomadic tribes, the Slavs came here. The name Selenca is originally slavish word. It`s rooth could be selo-village or selište-migration.

At first the Slavs only breeded livestock and later they began to raise some agricultural plants. There were many woods,lakes,moors and meadows around Selenca,so this people stayed on this ground, because the life conditions here were good for them. Their way of life wasn`t changed even after the Hungarian mastery was established in 9th century. New masters were pleased with so hard-working people,who take care about their land,woods,meadows... That means,they were good vassals for them.