The settlement

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Selenca is spreading on 291ha, on which are placed 1224 houses with 1320 families living in them. Selenca is a real slovakian village. The statistics from 1991 say that the 93% of people living in Selenca were the Slovaks.

People in Selenca pay a big attention to the enviroment. There are a lot of trees, fruit-trees,spruces...

The most of streets have the gutters and everybody takes care of the aesthetic outlook of their houses and gardens.

In 1988 the people of Selenca signed the contract for the building of a telephone exchange and telephone network with PTT (General Post Office) and six months later also with the Slovan as the administrator of this work. There is 850 phone-numbers attached to this network today. The settlement is also equipped with the mains. Selenca is mostly agricultural village. The development of agriculture supports the Agricultural cooperative Selenca.

They have many sections: section for the broom producing, bakery, veterinary office, agricultural farmacy, many stores and a filling station.

Besides agriculture, architecture is also very important field for the working people in Selenca. There is Building society Slovan, which is besides architecture focused on trading, producing, marketing, cooperation...

Behind all these actions stands the Local community. There are two administrative bodies: Local community convention and Local community council. These two adm. bodies are obligated to provide a nice and peaceful life for the citizens of Selenca.