The chamber choir Zvony

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The chamber choir Zvony came into being 15 years ago. Quietly,as a result of the great love for the music and singing... In the beginning, a few people,music enthusiasts,only had a good time by the piano,they sang only for their own soul. There was 4 or 5 of them at first,later 8 and now more than 20.

The main person for this succesful choir is Juraj Sudi,a music teacher. He also gave the name to the choir-Zvony (The Bells).

Zvony had the first official act in 1993. Back then this was a vocal-instrumental band and they processed compositions by Mokranjac,Verdi,Mozart,Schmid,Trnavsky,but also a few songs by Sladkovic,Hviezdoslav and Juraj Sudi himself.

The chamber choir Zvony was a part of Selenca`s cultural-artistic society Jan Kollar. Since 1998 it is an independent artistic band under the name The chamber choir Zvony from Selenca.

Every contact with the audience enrich this choir,but also the audience is richer on spiritual enjoyment after these concerts.