Sport Fishermen in Selenca

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Have you ever woken up the dawn alongside the water? Have you ever been watching water in the dark? Have you ever heard carp to throw out, sprinkling of water and slap of pike’s tail? What a pity! You neither heard nightingale in bush and you cannot imagine concentric circles that carp makes? Neither early morning sun has tickled your face? Yes, skylark has not wished you good morning! So, come. Take down the dew from thyme; look at your self in cool water. Come, you will feel fascinating silence of morning. Come; fall in love with silver waves. You will be surprised with your well balance; you will be pleased with peace. You will see you will find yourself.

Selenca does not belong among towns, which can praise, that for centuries developed and improved ways of catching fish. No, but that does not mean that people from Selenca did not know fish. On the contrary, ditches and backyards on the edge of town have been full of fish. Every depression in district, mainly when there are high water levels, hides a huge amount of fish. Our people knew fish very well, as well as its significance in nourishment.

When it comes to catching the fish with an angle, this kind of sport was close only to minority of people from Selenca. There were a few enthusiastic men back in fifties-sixties, who observed waves of Danube, turned over with fishhooks blocks in water. Favorite fishing places were Ziva, Berava, Doktor pumpa, Res a Drza. We often think of first anglers. They were Jan Gasparovsky, Karol Gasparovsky, Pavel Durciansky, and Pavel Gajdos. Still active are Pavel Juncoviar, Stefan Petras and Michal Zolarek as the youngest. We must mention those who are not anglers anymore- Ondrej Botansky and Jan Castvan, as well as emigrates from Selenca – Jan Zolarek and Juraj Gajdos.

On 25.February of year, 1976 was convened establishing meeting of Sport Fishermen Society in Selenca. Meeting took place at sweep’s house and 16 members-founders attended. The chairperson of the meting was Jozef Kovac, secretary Jan Kovac and certifiers of protocol were Jozef Malina and Stefan Jocha.

Participants decided to establish sport fishermen society- Ikra (Spawn), in Selenca. They adopted constitution. For the first president was elected Jozef Kovac and for secretary Juraj Valent. Society started its official activity on 4.June in year 1976, when it was registered in Secretary of Internal Affairs in Backa Palanka. Then, for cashier they elected Pavel Mandac Jr. Till the end of the year number of members increased to 58.

That, what maintained till nowadays, are competitions. First competition will linger always in our minds. There were rewards for the biggest amount of caught fish, for the largest caught fish, they proclaimed the most successful senior, junior and the oldest and the youngest fisherman. Part of this stayed till now. In last five years is assigned diploma Liska (Fox). It is humorous diploma and everybody who “catch the fox” (get drunk) can get it. Decision carries commission, which is on level of “fox”.

That was a little bit of everyday fishermen experiences. We must mention actuality of last few years, as well. Real catastrophe happened to our waters in eighties. Inexpert works with chemical waste, excessive mud on the bottom of canal, partly omission of wastewater from sugar refinery, make sport-fishing activities in Selenca less possible.